Nike Elastico Superfly

  • Truly unique Nike Elastico Superfly indoor Football Boots For Elite Professionals

    This has to start early. You must have the right type of cleats to wear when you take to the field. Not only is this going to give you a higher level of confidence, but it’s going to allow you to be more effective during play. So where do you go? What type of Nike Elastico Superfly football boots should you get? A lot of soccer cleats out there are made for players who only want to be average. What about the players who want to be more than average? Well one good options would be the Cheap Nike Elastico Superfly Indoor Volt/White/Black/Flash Lime. These are above average for sure and you’ll notice this as soon as you put them on.

    Let’s take a look at a few of the things that makes these cleats so special.

    Shoes are very pleasing to the eyes


    This might not be something that a lot of people care about, but it’s certain that some players are going to want cleats that look nice. When you know what you have  on your feet looks stylish this helps you to perform with a certain level of a confidence you might not have otherwise. Well with the Nike Elastico Superfly Indoor 2015 footbal boots at confidence isn’t going to be an issue at all. The stylish nature of them makes it tough to feel anything but confident when you have them on.

    The traction is very good and this is going to help you during play

    One of the things about playing soccer is that if you can’t control your traction, then you’re going to be all over the place. It doesn’t matter how good you are. You’ll be slipping and sliding everywhere. You won’t be able to take care of the ball and this is going to lead to errors that hurt the team. None of this is an issue with the cheap Nike Elastico Superflys. The traction is superior and during play you’ll experience this first hand.

    The fit for these Nike Elastico Superfly Indoor shoes is made to feel perfect


    In order to really get around the field the way you need to you need to feel like your feet are very secured. If your feet are moving around or if the shoes you’re wearing don’t fit perfectly, then you’re going to notice this and it’s going to have a negative impact. Well the new Nike Mercurial Superfly FG cleats are made to feel perfect on your feet. From the first time you put these on you’re going to love the feel.

    If your goal is to become better at this game then this investment will pay off. Nike knows how to make superior Men's Nike Elastico Superfly and you can trust what you get is going to perform well for you on the field.You being an above average player means that you have to wear above average cleats. What does this mean? It means you have to invest a little more money than what you would for lower quality options. Don’t worry about this though.

  • Grey / Volt Nike Elastico Superfly 14-15 Boot Unveiled

    cheap-Nike-Elastico-Superfly-IC-Indoor-Midnight Fog-Black-Volt-Hyper-2015


    This is the new Cheap Nike Elastico Superfly 2014-2015 Boot. The Nike Elastico Superfly IC Boot is designed for small-sided indoor games, while the Nike Elastico TF Boot is made for turf games. With the boot, Nike brings the innovations of the Mercurial Superfly Boot to the court. The new Nike Elastico 14-15 Boot Colorway is mainly dark grey (Midnight Fog) with striking volt Nikeskin elements on the upper and a unique green design created with volt yarns. The Nike Swoosh is white with a black border, while the Dynamic Fit collar is dark grey.

    new-Nike-Elastico-Superfly-IC-Indoor-Midnight- Fog For the upper, Nike combines Flyknit with Nikeskin to allow a perfect ball control. Even though the upper of the 14-15 New Nike Mercurial Superfly Indoor Boot is almost the same used for the Mercurial Superfly FG, the shoe features an extra layer of Nikeskin in important areas for small-sided matches. Nike also releases the first Astro Turf version of the new Nike Elastico Superfly, made for small-sided turf games.

    cheap-Nike-Elastico-Superfly-IC-Indoor-soccer-cleats While the Hyper Punch Nike Elastico Superfly IC and the Laser Orange Superfly Indoor Shoe are using the same colors as the respective Superfly FG Cleat, the new Midnight Fog / Volt / Black / White Nike Elastico Superfly IC 14-15 Boot is the first own colorway of the Elastico Superfly range.

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